Theme Party Costumes

At the University of Florida, theme parties are always occurring. With themes ranging from safari to neon, people are constantly scrambling to find or make costumes for these social events.

While some students buy clothes for their costumes, others use what they already own.  For example, pairing a plaid skirt with a white button down shirt creates an old school Britney Spears look for a pop stars theme party. Wearing a leather jacket and a black sequin skirt with a crazy hairstyle can make a Ke$ha costume. Another alternative is to wear typical going out clothes and making a sign that says, “It’s Friday” to represent Rebecca Black.

Woodsers are popular outdoor social events at UF. Usually, people dress up in “country” or western style clothes. One popular outfit for woodsers consists of a plaid flannel top paired with jeans. Alternative options include camouflage apparel and leggings. Cowboys boots are the most common choice of footwear for woodsers.

For a themed social, such as safari, outfits vary depending on the amount of effort a student is willing to put in to their costume. Some may opt to take the easy way out and stick to an animal print blouse with jeans, or throw on animal ears and call it a day. Others who want to create a unique costume may visit a craft store and buy fabric to create their look.

Overall, there are too many theme parties throughout the year to go out and purchase new costumes or buy the supplies to make elaborate outfits for each one. Most UF students stick to mixing what they already own with accessories they buy or create, and save those to use for future themed events.

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